The world is full of things that we take minor short cuts in The World's Worst Mobile Marketing Adviceorder to simplify and achieve what we want. For instance buying peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. I mean who really doesnt have the extra time to open another jar? You already had to untwist the bread bag. Might as well make two sandwiches now from all the energy you spent.  Okay… okay… my editor says were getting off topic. The point is that we can’t take short cuts in mobile marketing like we can in the sandwich realm. So this post is going to be a series of the worst advice I have ever heard.

           You don’t need mobile marketing! You are already on the go how will you have time to read it. I mean unless you are trying to get into a crash or run into someone then who will read your mobile content? Huh pal?! HUH?! Okay let’s take a breath and calm down to analyze this idea. If you are marketing exclusively to people whom literally never stop moving or are too stupid to walk and read at the same time. Then you probably don’t want them in your store to begin with. But for the other 99.999% of the population, we are able to function quite well with texts and messages being sent our way everyday. Why would your message be any different? In this rapidly expanding digital world marketing (like everything else) needs to adapt in order to fully accomplish it’s purpose. That is how all of this came about. Most adults (and a growing number of tweens) have a cellphone on them pretty much at all time. Mobile marketing allows you to contact them and in a noninvasive manner. Not using mobile marketing is a short cut you cannot afford to take.

           Just go ahead and text the customer whatever you want. You have their names and numbers already in your CRM right? Just go ahead and do it, I mean what are they going to call the texting police on you? It’s true they will not call the texting police on you. They will call the REAL police. Taking a short cut like this can end up costing you a lot in the long run. Laws state that you must have an opt-in mechanism in place to collect a legal lead following. If you simply start texting people promotions with out their consent you are breaking the law and can end up losing everything you worked for. If you are a manager this means your job and possibly the rest of your career. If you are an owner this could mean you business.Seriously.

           (My personal favorite) Once I their cosent, I blast them with messages. I want my ad to be the first thing they see when they wake up and the last thing they see when they go to bed. This is flawless logic I cannot even begin to shoot holes in it…..wait ….no it’s the opposite of that. Although there is no specific law against it, there is a bit of a moral paradox at hand. Putting aside the fact that this is probably the kid everyone picked on in high school and now he/she is looking to take over the world one text at a time, this still poses a huge business ethics issue.  If you hammer your customer with random repetitive messages/offers you will end up seeing them on your suppression list after a mass exitist (unsubscribe). Remember they do still have this option if they so choose and as required by law. So send them messages but not too often. Make sure the messages are relevant and fresh to their eyes. Do not spam them the same offer over and over again. Make them want to tell their friends about the “opportunity” you gave them and gain some more customers.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading!