In today’s market, your audience has never been more distracted; they are distracted with their mobile devices, tablets, and apps, not to mention the white noise that is shoveled at them day in and day out from main stream media such as TV and radio.This post is specifically surrounding making clear, targeted in-store messaging that will keep your guests informed and influence their buying behavior.

1). It’s all in how you say it!

Messages can be played in different areas of your store and while callers are on hold. When creating a comprehensive audio marketing campaign, it’s important to look at whether an in-store message is targeting a certain section of your store or, better yet, if you can get more mileage out of a message by phrasing it in such a way that it can be played in multiple areas and sometimes even over the phone on hold. You want to be able to reach as many people as possible with each message you create. Good quality messages can cut back on the quantity that you have to create.

2). Build your brand.

Manufacturers spend hundreds of thousands each month to build their brand… Now, it’s your turn! Branding your messages leaves your name swimming around your customers’ heads long after they leave your dealership. Try starting each message with a branded opener like “You’re listening to WRN: The Walker Radio Network.” Every time your guests hear about what you have to offer, you should be reinforcing the likelihood that they will remember your name, company slogan, and even customer pledge.

3). Speak “to” your guests… not “at” them.

Avoid making your audio messages sound like television or radio announcements. These blanket messages that push constant pricing-specific offers will not only be ignored, dismissed, and forgotten, but they could possibly aggravate the very people you are trying to encourage to buy your product. Keep in mind that guests are visiting your store for a reason, and while you are keeping your guests entertained, the messages they hear should be targeted and relevant to them. Make them feel as if they are a part of this buying experience.

4). Discuss what makes you different.

Rather than boasting about price-associated deals and incentives, focus on what makes you different. Everyone has a blow-out sale or promotional period, but not everyone has what YOU have. Talk about your conveniences, your special services, and your warranties. What makes you unique? What differentiates you from your competitor? Let the people browsing your inventory know what sets you apart from the dealer down the street. Why choose your store? – Check out our all new DYK Series

5). Build their confidence in your brand.

The guests visiting your store have been compelled by your marketing efforts to be in your store. Great job! Now, it’s time to build their confidence that the decision they are making to do business with you is a good one. They are already in your store, but they are still only guests at this point. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you like to know about your particular business that makes you more comfortable about your decision to buy? – In store messages can help to build this trust and loyalty.

6). Leverage your other initiatives.

Use your audio marketing within your dealership to show your customers what else you have beyond your walls. Inform them of the Mobile Marketing opportunities you offer, your Social Engagement programs, your Customer Loyalty programs, and any Community Outreach in which you partake.