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Developing Industry Specific Messages for Your Business

Content Is King

Taking the legwork out of content creation


Staying relevant, consistent, and targeted is exactly what we do best and creating this industry specific schedule of messaging is what we can offer you above and beyond as an added service for using our Music & Messaging platform.

We offer an array of topics ranging from seasonal, holiday, scheduled maintenance, and general/informative. These messages may have a wide range, but never get into specifics and always end with an encouraging reminder to speak with someone from your friendly and knowledgeable staff. Our topics will have industry specific goals in mind that speak to your various profit centers in sales, service, parts, and more.

Seasonal Changes

Keeping up with a industry’s seasonality can be a full time under taking. Your business can have high and lows and is completely affected by change of weather, season, and yearly events. We want to take one more thing off your plate by keeping your seasonal messaging a breeze.

The Holiday Spirit

Holidays can be a perfect time of year to come together and introduce a more personable humanizing element to your business. It’s a great way to share your favorite traditions, activities, and charity contributions/collections. Keep your guest’s in the holiday spirits as they shop!

Informative Series

Our Did You Know Series is a wide range of informative messages that range from ownership maintenance, service tips. We will help to encourage conversations with your knowledgeable staff about opportunities to accessorize, protect, and improve their investments that they purchased with you.

Maintenance Tips

Many current customers aren’t aware of proper maintenance schedules and how important it is to protect their investments. We take the guess work out of this by keeping a industry specific maintenance schedule and awareness on top of your customers mind to improve retention and upsell opportunities.

Sales Drivers

We make a conscious effort in every message that we craft that nothing comes off as salesy or high pressuring, but there is nothing wrong with bringing up occasion sales driving topics that will encourage your guests to speak to a friendly knowledgeable member of your sales staff.

Customer Clinics

New ownership is important. Running new owner clinics can positively influence your new customers to write a positive review and be in a position to offer a knowledgeable positive review or referral on your business along their customer journey. It all begins with a positive reputation.

Community Outreach

Your business has been engrained in the surrounding community for years now. Your previous customers and current guests will want to shop at a business who is actively involved in community outreach, charitable events, and fund raisers that show the social responsibility.

Growing Segments

Many industries will catch trends and programs that begin to work really well. In The automotive space we see examples such as Equity Finder campaigns, Vehicle Wanted promos and Lease Returns. We know get their importance and continue to create messages specific to your industry.

Hear The Difference

Your guests will hear a casual feathering of informative style messaging as they shop with you. Thought provoking topics or season’s greetings that will encourage them to ask your staff learn more.

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