Professional music & messaging solutions that will further enhance your guest’s experience as they visit & improve communication.


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A guest-centric audio platform with branding as well as full customization at your finger tips.



Everyday guest’s are standing & shopping in your Showroom because they know, like, and trust you enough to give you the chance to earn their business. They represent the most important opportunity out of any prospect you will ever have. As a result, they are standing at the moment of decision to either do business with you or with someone else. What are you telling them when they are shopping?


There is a hard line connecting a business’s gross profit per transaction and furthermore quality of time spend with a guest. When you have a captive audience such as the guest’s sitting in your lounge, it provides a unique opportunity to form a stronger lasting relationship. Keeping them engaged of all of the programs and benefits you have to offer is a great way to start up a new conversation.


Did you know 70% of your future in-store traffic will originate on the phone at one time or another? The average hold time is 2 min and 33 seconds. Due to this, it’s sometimes your only window to leave a positive impression. Inform your listeners about what your business has to offer and why its worth coming in and sharing some time together. They may be calling in for one reason and coming in for another!

Custom Music. Branded Messaging.

better communicate to your guests while they shop and wait on hold. REPLACE the inappropriate, repetitive, and even competitive content currently playing from local and streaming services. 

Influencing Positive Buying Behavior

SoundFox customers have been able to uncover up to 41% of additional purchase and up sell opportunities by leveraging our custom music & branded messaging solution.

Deliver your custom branded messaging throughout your showroom, in your guest lounge and on hold. Let your guests know what makes your business unique!


Your guests will hear your branded tagline, slogan, or jingle and henseforth will hear the difference the moment they walk in. They will believe that you are broadcasting from your very own radio network!

This type of awareness and attention will consequently further seperate your business from your competitors.

Curated Music & Branded Messaging

Uncover Missing Purchase & Up-sell Opportunities

Educate your guests by informing them about all you have to offer, increase loyalty and retention with current customers, drive traffic to your various profit centers, and further enhance guest experience with entertaining and engaging content. Carefully crafted, non-intrusive, branded audio messages that tell your brands story – Share your history, how you got started, special programs, incentives, or key value prepositions.


This easy to install music player arrives pre-loaded with the music you select and is optimized to receive daily channel and messaging updates. Each player can accommodate up to two zones – hence you can opt to play different music or incorporate unique custom messaging for different areas of your business. Customers needing to accommodate more than two zones can do so easily by installing an additional player.


The beat of your brand isn’t complete without custom content that as a result helps to drive your business goals and objectives. Create messaging that’s informational or that helps to promote special initiatives going on in your store. SoundFox can help you to craft thoughtful custom content that enhances the customer experience. We can handle everything from scripting to full production. To hear what kind of custom, branded messaging our clients are putting to use, click here.


The music hand-selected playing in your environment can also be incorporated to your phone’s on-hold system. Greet customers placed on hold with great music as well as unique messaging about things like hours of operation, current specials or seasonal wishes – the possibilities are endless!

Media Zoning :: Different areas with different needs? No problem.

Each section or department of your business may have unique audio needs. While you may have one area that is geared to help visitors relax, you may have another that aims to excite, or, you may want to highlight specific specials or information with your custom message inserts – we get that! Our music zoning option let’s you accommodate a nearly unlimited number of distinctive spaces.


The SoundFox solution includes access to our unparalleled online account management tool. This valuable resource lets users adjust the scheduling and content for music mixes, custom messaging and much more.

A holistic audio solution to manage your in-store environment

We offer a complete suite of solutions with traceable analytics, while coupled with a consultative proactive support approach provided by our team of industry experts who’ll work directly with you to ensure a customer experience second to none.

Key Features Include: 
  • Fully integrated marketing program
  • Branded and interactive messaging
  • State of the art technology
  • Showroom/On Hold Zoning
  • Customized music blends
  • Campaign creation & management
  • Recommended best practices
  • Collaborative consultation
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

SoundFox is the most versatile system on the market also comes with full service live support and a web management portal with all the tools at your fingertips.


MAKE AN UNINTENDED PURCHASE after hearing a retail audio ad


That the average person spends over 2.5 hours shopping on a major purchase? Some of these purchases are rated among the highest stressors in their lives. What are you telling them that will make them feel more comfortable in deciding to do business with you? Up to 41% of unintended purchases occur after hearing a retail audio ad playing in your showroom. Paired with display and digital signage you can increase floor driven sales as much as 33% as compared to nothing alone.

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