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Each SoundFox client comes with their own unique set of requirements, challenges and expectations. That’s why we’ve designed our solutions to be flexible, allowing us to address the specific needs of each client. In our Client Success section, you can see how we’re being put to use by organizations like yours and the exciting results being achieved.


Hudson Nissan

Jersey City, NJ, is known for its landmark attractions, like Liberty Park and the Goldman Sachs Building, its collection of Fortune 500 business, such as Chase Manhattan Bank and Merrill Lynch, and its diversity of people and culture.

Nestled amongst this action-packed community is Hudson Nissan, a member of the Penske Automotive Family. For more than 25 years, this elite dealer group has serviced customers in Jersey City and its surrounding communities with an exceptional line of vehicles and unparalleled service.

Their recently completed, state-of-the-art facility was crafted with care, leaving virtually no detail unaccounted for. The dealership boasts an open, airy and accommodating showroom – complete with a refreshment area and seating areas where guests can enjoy free WI-FI, satellite TV or a quiet space for reading. The Service Department houses 72 service bays and an environment dedicated to delivering performance and convenience, efficiently and effectively. The expanded Parts Department is ideal for do-it-yourself customers. Encompassing over 51,000 square feet, Hudson Auto Group takes customer service to the next level.

It’s no wonder that with all of the different areas of the dealership they’ve carved out to meet the specific needs of their customers that they had some unique needs and challenges of their own. With such an eclectic mix of environments, how could they deliver music and sound that would enhance this attention to detail?

True to form, Hudson Nissan looked to SoundFox for a solution that would let them cater to their special customer base. Providing a speedy installation, we offered hand selected music genres that were showcased for their visitors. Taking advantage of SoundFox message inserts, Hudson Nissan was able to utilize this as a method to educate and inform about recent dealership updates and offers.

Today, customers, prospects and even employees take notice of the sounds of Hudson Nissan. The music helps set the stage for the different areas of the dealership and the message inserts allow Hudson Nissan to extend their brand and details of things like hours of operation, special service offerings, sales incentives and more!

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 Beau Townsend Ford

In the birthplace of aviation and one of the oldest automotive capitals of the world, stands Beau Townsend Ford in Dayton, Ohio. In contrast to its quiet-town, neighborhood ambiance, Dayton, Ohio is a powerful leader in industrial business, aerospace design, and engineering research. Dayton’s geographical stance is within 500 miles of over 60% of the nation’s population and manufacturing capacity.

Beau Townsend Ford rests just a short distance from the Dayton airport on a busy thoroughfare in the suburb of Vandalia. Its traditional warm décor and friendly environment help to ensure that each and every customer feels welcome and valued. In fact, Beau Townsend’s culture is completely customer-centric placing satisfaction as their top priority.

Given this ideal location and the apparent focus on delivering the best possible customer experience, it’s no surprise that Beau Townsend delivers a staggering 250 new and used vehicles a month with nearly 1,000 visitors each day – many of whom relax in the customer lounge, browse the vehicle line-up in the friendly sales showroom, or receive vehicle maintenance in the expert service center.

Beau Townsend was looking to infuse its culture and overall brand into these different store hot spots. Hearing how SoundFox was helping other retailers to do just that, Beau Townsend immediately reached out and was up and running in less than three business days – installed, online, and enjoying the SoundFox experience.

Today just miles south of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of fame, Beau Townsend Ford keeps the classic rock culture alive with its 5 handpicked genres of music selected from the extensive SoundFox library of over 100 channel mixes. Message inserts are also scheduled to interact with the visiting customers at a level that Beau Townsend never thought possible.

“Our customers have never been so in-tune and up-to-date with everything that’s happening at Beau Townsend Ford,” Jamie Spencer, Beau Townsend Ford’s General Manager, explains.

The entire Beau Townsend team is more excited than ever to reach out to their customers using such an interactive approach and look forward to more media to come, made possible by SoundFox, The beat of your brand.

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"We have been with SoundFox for years now and we looked at other vendors some were less per month a few were more but none offered what we found with SoundFox. The service and recommend scripts keep us loyal - we love it!”

Jamie Spencer  GM Beau Townsend Ford & Nissan

“We have had SoundFox for over 5+ years now and they have done everything that we have asked of them. They have great response time, they are very pro-active, and we are very comfortable with them.”

Bob Miller  GM Hudson Chrysler - AVP Penske Auto Group

"SoundFox services nearly our entire group. They offer more customization and value than anything else on the market.”

Patrick Disney  Director of IT Performance Automotive Network

“SoundFox has been a valuable addition to our store. We love the customization and service that they bring. They really understand the industry”

Ron Whitaker  GSM Airport Toyota

"I am really impressed on how easy it was to plug the SoundFox system in and how big of a difference it made. They are very in-touch with the dealer space and their messaging services sound great!”

Nick Brunotte  Director of Operations Findlay CDJR

“We are long customer of SoundFox. We have had a good experience with them and wanted to use them for our Ford store”

Chad Hoblit  GM Hoblit CDJ

“After plugging SoundFox in, we noticed a night and day difference from our previous standard music player. SoundFox offers so much more value beyond just music. We would recommend this solution to anyone.”

Chris Miller  DP Miller Motor Sales

"The environment in our dealership has completely transformed. We are constantly getting compliments from our customers and even our employees are excited about the energy it’s creating!"

Scott Rossi  DP Rossi Motors

“I have been with SoundFox for about 4 years and love their service. We have our advertisements running throughout the day in the Showroom. We run 5-6 and spread them out. It also has a great music selection. The system works great and is super affordable.”

Brad Mugg  Managing Partner, Norm Reeves Honda