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We provide unique signage & sound solutions for over 9,000 businesses. We focus on enhancing the guest experience, uncovering additional purchase & upsell opportunities as they visit & wait on hold.

What we do better

Our flagship Music & Messaging platform provides a completely customizable mix of music with branded audio messages in showrooms, guest lounges, and on hold. Below are a few ways we help to transform these areas of your business. 


Custom Music Mix

We carry 1.5M G-Rated song titles that have passed through our proprietary algorithm and the ears of our curation team to determine the right “genre” and to meet that family-friendly grade. We do not restrict you to 1 “station” at a time – rather we allow you to blend multiple genres at once for a truly customized mix.

Branded Messages

Your business has a story to tell. Using branded audio ads to share it will unlock additional purchase and upsell opportunities. Tell how you got started and what separates you in your industry or market. By using your tagline or jingle and delivering unique value propositions & educational prompts, you’ll keep guests engaged & informed.

ON Hold Services

Every phone system is different and you need a solution to fit yours. SoundFox will match a solution to your specific needs. Most times our on-site Foxware player can provide a unique set of content for your on hold that is separate from the rest of your store. We also provide on hold services for virtual phone systems with no local input.

Content Strategy

We believe in creating effective content strategies for your business. We provide complementary consulting, recommended best practices, as well as message scripting and recording for the most influential ads campaign possible. We also offer an industry specific library of messaging you can personalize and leverage. 

Web-based Control

Our turn-key platform provides dynamic content you can manage from your fingertips. You have control over the daily schedule, music to messaging ratio, location, even the time of day.  It’s your own branded radio station that even includes a full campaign creation & reporting suite.

Account Management

All of our subscriptions provide your business with a pro-active account manager that keeps up on your music mix, campaigns, & messages. You’ll have 24/7 live direct tech support, consultation, recommended best practices, and message scripting. You get a person, not a help line.

Our track record

SoundFox is designed specifically for the retail industry. We are retail experts and understand the unique needs that your business brings. We built this platform with that in mind. SoundFox has over 9,000 active customers with a 98% retention rate.

Active Players

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Retention Rate

Plug-n-play simplicity

Our Foxware media players ship pre-configured with those industry best practices and are completely plug-n-play with only three connections – power, internet, & audio.

The platform is turn-key with web-based controls, ads campaign management, and reporting.

Your player features local storage to ensure no outages or intermittent internet affects your service. So long as it’s powered on, you will continue to receive the latest update of music & messaging. We are a business solution, not streaming music.

How we stack up

A quick look at some of the competitors in the market place will make SoundFox an easy upgrade to what you currently have in your business. 

Numbers of retail

Enhancing the guest experience and maximizing purchase & upsell opportunites in your showroom, lounge, & on hold is our biggest priority.

Guests spend an average of 48 min visiting your business – do you have anything currently in place to maximize that time for additional upsell & purchase opportunities? 

Our more progressive customers have been able to uncover up to 41% more sales when using SoundFox. 

We know that 70% of future floor traffic originates on the phone, with an average hold time of 2 min 33 sec, let’s educate and engage with those listeners while they wait to be helped. 

  • Average Showroom dwell time – 48 Min
  • Identified Added Sales Opportunities – 41%
  • Future Floor Traffic (On Hold) – 70%
  • Hang Up Rate (without SoundFox) – 68%

Seasonal content to stay in the spirit

Our music concepts & messaging library extend to all major holidays, seasonal changes, sports, various recognitions, and charities. 

We have got you covered during the seasonal changes and holidays – so you can focus on your business. Just another way we are a true upgrade to your basic music provider. 

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It’s important that we show you how some of our more progressive customers are able to uncover up to 41% more purchase opportunities using SoundFox.