Creating a branded experience with relevant engaging content.
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SoundFox provides digital signage & marketing solutions, you will help your business to further leverage internal marketing efforts, expose your various products, services, and profit centers with custom and engaging content.

A flexible dynamic platform that delivers HD quality content feeds, branded advertisements, and more in a controlled in-store environment, allowing you to influence and manage your guest’s experience. It’s now easier than ever to digitize your in-store environment!


Entertainment that will hold their attention and keep them engaged

Lifestyle & Entertainment

Get all the best of travel destination hot spots, funny trivia, latest fashion, and celebrity news.

Local Content Feeds

Deliver up-to-date content from your local news outlets including sports, traffic, & weather.

Health & Wellness

Keep your guests informed with healthy living, meal plan recipes, wellness tips and latest diet trends.

News, Sports, & Finance

Keep your guests in touch with Local and National coverage of the latest sports, news, and finance.

Network TV Content

Curate the best network tv content for any audience. You are in control of what your guests see & hear.

Live TV Feeds (NEW)

Replace your local cable and create a business grade content system that advertises only your brand.


Engaging entertainment in more places


Lounge TV

Marketing your brand while your guests wait.

When your guests are waiting in the service lounge, why not engage and entertain them with your very own branded TV solution? Promote your latest marketing initiatives, news, and specials all controlled by remote management software with a library of licensed content at your disposal.

Service Appointments

Add & Update Appointment Status. 

Who doesn’t like to staying in the know!? Give your visitors a certain feeling of comfort by keeping them up-to-date with live appointment status and relevant service based coupons and specials. Yes, of course we integrate with most appointment systems and DMS providers.

Dare to Compare

Highlight inventory, specials, & feedback.

Give your guests the piece of mind that they are making the right choice doing business with you! – let them see for themselves. With customizable dare to compare templates and pre-loaded local retail logos, its easy to make your brand stand out from your competitors.


Create Your Own

Create and play your own content.

Want something even more custom? No problem! We have hours of licensed family-friendly content, sports, and entertainment and can be updated daily. Add custom branded footage and images remotely with a touch of a button. Now that’s easy!

Social Integration

Integrate with your existing social network.

Stay connected to your social audience in real-time. Tweet to screen or pull twitter content from favorite sources. Dynamically updated Instagram pulls from any account. Leverage our YouTube widget with licensed content from hundreds of sources. Keeping things interesting one selfie at a time!


A digital media platform that is as flexible, secure, and easy to use as some of your favorite tools that you use today.

Key Platform Features

  • Flexible Device & Platform
  • Full Asset Management
  • Multi-User Access & Collaboration
  • Video Production & Graphic Design
  • End User Training
  • 24/7 Live Technical & Customer Support

Affiliate & Partnership Advertisers

Utilizing your captive audience base to share ad space with complimentary brands is a great way to cross promote and build affiliate partnerships. These advertisers are use to a cost-per-impression model and are willing to pay to be on your network! You could even end up generating a new revenue stream by offering congruent content that will not conflict or convolute your brands messaging.


Increased Sales Using Digital Signage Ads

Did You Know?

That the more than 90% of all shopping transaction happen inside physical retail locations yet todays online conversion technology has yet to bleed inside the walls of a brick and mortar – until now. A carefully crafted digital signage program can increase sales volume up to 32% and customer retention with repeat purchases as high as 33%. Increase traffic, engagement, awareness, and sales volume .

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