Industry experts helping to build industry leaders

At SoundFox, we believe in the power of your brand and customer base. You’ve worked hard to build it and even harder to grow it. It distinguishes you from your competition. We want to help you promote its integrity, extend its reach, and increase its equity…and have some fun in the process!

SoundFox was developed by auto industry experts for auto industry experts with over 50+ years of collective experience. We fully understand the unique growth opportunities on which all Automotive Dealerships must capitalize and SoundFox helps our clients to focus on building within their market. Our one-of-a-kind audio & digital marketing solutions extend well beyond just a technology provider!

We are the only fully auto-centric In-Store, Point-Of-Purchase Marketing Services Provider to offer this unique combination of expertise and digital solutions to build your brand, customer base and to effectively manage your dealership’s environment.