Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will this solution help me to sell and service more cars?

Although the SoundFox solution is not designed to lead directly to additional vehicle sales, it will without a doubt enhance the overall customer experience – whether in the showroom, in the service drive or on the lot. Because SoundFox includes unlimited custom inserts, you’ll have the opportunity to promote other products like warranties in sales or accessories and parts in service to drive additional revenue.

Q. I already have music playing in my dealership, why should I switch?

Not only does SoundFox offer over 50 custom music mixes to choose from, but it also provides the ability to break up your carefully selected music with custom brand building and promotional messaging to support the goals and objectives of your dealership. You can control the type of music played and the content delivered in real-time, making changes to your inserts or selected mix of music anytime.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

SoundFox offers a month-to-month agreement with discounts for clients who choose to elect one of our longer term options.

Q. Can I mix several different types of music?

SoundFox subscribers will have the opportunity to select a mix of up to 5 channels to combine different music genres or to accommodate different moods or tempos throughout the day. Our library of music contains over 100 different channels to choose from and includes suggestions based on the needs of your business environment. Channels can be changed at anytime with the help of our support team or through our online account management interface.

Q. Are there limits on the kind or number of custom inserts?

SoundFox clients are not limited to the number or nature of the custom inserts they create. Our support team will regularly share ideas, tips, tricks and best practices and can even provide production assistance if needed.

Q. Does the SoundFox service include music licensing?

Yes, SoundFox pays all the required Public Performance Rights, Label & Mechanical music royalties and fees associated with the use of the playback of SoundFox Music Services within subscribing business locations. Examples of Royalty Agencies paid fees include, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC & Harry Fox Agency.

Q. Does SoundFox offer its services worldwide?

SoundFox provides services to more than 58 countries globally. For specific information about which countries SoundFox serves, please contact us.

Q. How does all of this work?

SoundFox will install FoxWare, a music player that will broadcast in your location. The player will arrive pre-loaded with the music and custom message inserts decided upon and developed during launch. Updates to music mixes will occur automatically each night at midnight. Changes to music channels or custom inserts can be accommodated in real-time using SoundFox’s online account management tools.

Q. How does FoxWare integrate with legacy audio equipment?

Our players can easily replace any type of existing source (CDI, Satellite, DVD, Tape, CD, etc.). A cable with “RCA” jacks is provided for easy hook up to the existing sound system. If no existing sound system is in place, SoundFox offers complete installation of quality audio components. Please contact us for more information on this service.

Q. Is there a warranty on the FoxWare music player?

SoundFox offers a 12-month warranty beginning the date of shipment.

Q. How do my music mixes get updated?

Music is updated automatically directly through your FoxWare player. These updates can be scheduled during defined windows that best accommodate your business. The most common update windows are between 2-6AM but they can be scheduled anytime the Customer desires.

Q. How can I receive help creating messaging inserts?

The SoundFox support team can help you to craft your messaging according to your business needs and our proven best practices. We also offer full production assistance through our partner Strong Media.

Q. Can I play different music or messaging in different areas in my dealership?

Yes! Each FoxWare music player supports up to two zones allowing different music and messaging to be selected and deployed to each. Have more than 2 zones? No problem, SoundFox will simply add another FoxWare music player to your system.

Q. What if I have multiple locations?

Having several separate locations is no problem. SoundFox account management tools offer the option of cross-location messaging, meaning the same messaging would applied to all locations under the account. Or, each location may operate independently, opting to have different messaging for each. Even with the second more independent approach, a parent location can offer custom messaging that will deploy in all locations.