Your Business Development Center rocks, right? You know these hammers, you vetted them personally, and you have them on a performance metrics to ensure they stay selling. But what about in between the conversations? What about the time the customer spends on-hold while the BDC personal attends to something else or the time they spend waiting for “the next available representative”? Does that rock too? If you are answering with anything less than, “yes, because I have a custom on-hold music mix that my geo-demographic loves so much they brush their teeth to it every morning AND I keep them informed with targeted messages”, then you, my friend, are missing out.

It is a fact that high hang-up rates stem from boredom and frustration of being on-hold. We have all experienced it before. You call somewhere to gather some sort of information and the next thing you know you are hanging up because you are frustrated from being on-hold. This frustration probably stemmed from the fact that the on-hold music made elevator music seem like a dance club. Assuming of course the business has taken a step into the 20th century and didn’t leave you with soul shattering silence. It is entertainment outlets used to set the tone of the consumers experience.

Now image when you called and were awaiting “the next available representative”, one of your favorite songs played? Then image while you’re waiting a friendly message came over the receiver giving you information about your inquiry, or “a thank you for waiting” in the owners voice, or even a message about the great things this company does for the community. Would you still hang up? Yeah, I wouldn’t either.

The guests that call your store are no different. If you leave them with silence, out-of-date music, or music they simply despise they are more likely to get agitated and hang up. Music sooths the beast’s soul. So to keep these animals on the on phone to actually converse with the rock stars of your BDC you need to invest in better on-hold music and messaging.

Luckily, there is an easy solution. Companies like SoundFox offer music that is all G-rated and can be customized by blending 5 different music categories to match your geo-demographic. For instance, if you are selling cars in Nashville you are better suited with a Thomas Rhett song playing then a Tupac song. But the reverse may be true for cities like Los Angles or New York.

But why stop with just music? Give your customers the confidence they need to walk through your doors and sign on the dotted line. SoundFox has you covered here as well because they offer targeted messaging and will even help script the messages for your specific store. So for instance, if the customer is calling about a used car they saw on your website, then they are definitely in the market right? So information about warranties or rigid inspections of all used vehicles may be the push they need to get off the phone and come into the dealership. Bottom line, it is important to ensure you are branding your business they way you want at every turn and the on-hold experience is no different.