What’s the best way to start your business off this New Year? A grocery bag full of money? Perhaps, but let’s be realistic. Certainly the next best thing is building your business, your brand, and your guest experience. It may not be a Winn-Dixie bag full of twenties, but it will definitely help generate more profit and in turn more greenbacks in your pockets.
One of the best ways of brand build is with in-store music and messaging. Different than out of the store advertising, in-store music and messaging allows the business owner to give more detail about why guests should buy from them. This in turn will create a more positive buying behavior.
I can see you are not convinced. How can I see that? It’s not important. What is important is recognizing that the OEM’s have spent millions trying to drive the masses to their brand. You have spent thousands (maybe more) to get customers to your door. So why stop the branding once they are inside?
Since so much money has been spent on ads showing deals and promotions to get the guest inside the door it is best to give them something refreshing, something they don’t know. In other words, use targeted in-store messaging to give the guest a story to buy. It could be your origin story, things your business does for charity, or even just thanking them for coming (you’d be amazed at what a heartfelt thank you can really do). The biggest upside to customized in-store messages is that none of them will be your competitors, unlike the ads that play on the radio and SirusXM.
While you are feeding your guests the confidence they need to buy from you with in-store messaging, give them something to boost their mood with in-store music. Billions use the power of music to change their mood or set the mood of others. From workout music to scores in cinema, it happens everyday. It only makes sense to use in-store music to do the same with your guests. But the key here is being able to blend your music to match your specific geo-demographic. Music has even been shown to keep callers on the line while they are on-hold. On-hold music keeps them entertained and stops that high hang-up rate right in its tracks.
All-in-all my friends, you need a company that can assist with targeted in-store messaging. Provide family-friendly music that allows you to blend several different genres. SoundFox has all of this and more. With the SoundFox solution 41% of customers make an additional purchasing decision that day simply by using in-store messages. It’s proven, it works, and it makes sense. Start a trial today and find out for yourself.