Is your in-store messaging ready for the Holidays?It’s Christmas time again. Everybody starts to prepare for this magical, full of presents, holiday. It is a time of sharing and giving. One of the best time of the year for the businesses. 99% of people are running left and right for presents to make their loved ones happy. But how can we influence their buying behavior and entertain our guests while doing that?

The Message

It is important to address your clients with care. We are victims of the “information overload” caused by excessive advertising. This is why your message should be clear, easy to spot and catchy. Your in-store messaging will be talking “to” them, not “at” them. It should be relevant, targeted, and informative. During the holidays, that is one of the most important parts. You need to associate your brand with the holiday taking place in a specific time of the year. Find a catchy phrase and advertise it to a targeted group of people. Targeted messaging is very important because the clients that are interested in your merchandise are the ones most likely to buy it.

The Music – See our Holiday Guide

Studies have shown that music plays one of the most important roles in people’s life; they are willing to live without TV, newspapers or sport than live without music. It was also shown that customers stay longer in your store if you play the right music. And, most important: Music can change the customer’s opinion about your brand.

Now, during the winter fest, holiday music is essential to boost up your profits and to make your customers happy.


            ‘Tis the season for great Holiday themed campaigns and music. It’s important to have a wide selection of holiday genres to choose from. Traditional can get boring and R&B isn’t for everyone, so make sure your solution has the variety. As a rule of thumb all of your content should and must be G-rated. You never know when a mom with her child will be coming your way and you play some random Eminem song. Also, what good is a wide selection with out the ability to blend, the better solutions out there will let you mix up to 5 genres – this will surely satisfy everybody. Furthermore with the right holiday music you are stimulating client’s urge to stick around with a positive upbeat ambiance. Who knows, after hearing one of your targeted seasonal messages, maybe they will make a purchase they weren’t intending on making!


The Holidays leave as fast as they come, and your solution better be able to handle the pressure. Nimble is the name of the game. A platform that connects you and your customer efficiently, in real time. Having a solution that shows you what is being played, how many times, in what areas, and when can really dial in your ad exposure. With this you can further engage your guests, inform them about your latest releases and/or your holiday sales offers. Thus, making targeted relevant messaging so much easier.

At Your Fingertips

Just like your web marketing, you want full control of your in-store marketing too! You will want to have the freedom to login to a web portal that controls your music and advertising in all zones of your store, including On Hold. Trust me, this may seem a bit overboard, but we are talking about that Zero Moment of Transaction in which your guest is in a purchasing position. You want to make sure its just right.

Remember: Music makes people happy, happy means more time spent, more time means more profit!