Foxware Media Players

Plug-n-Play Simplicity

Stability Matters

Plug-N-Play Foxware Media Players are shipped ready to go in 5-7 business days.

All Foxware Players come with on board storage, 3 easy connections, and update in real-time. 

Our players are self-contained units with web-based account management. 

Harmony Music Tutorial

Begin playing pre-curated programs, stations, or build your own at the touch of a button. Use our mix board to adjust for tempo and other song signatures.  

Create a custom mix or smart station of your very own based on multiple musical elements, seeds, and genres. 

Your library stores all of your customizations and you can always see or adjust what’s playing now. 

All players come with 3 core outputs
with simplicity in mind:



Audio / Visual

Considerations when picking the right player:

  • Physical Location
  • Form & Function
  • Number of Outputs Required
  • Connections & Wiring

Our players are 100% self-contained. Internet connectivity is the responsibility of the business. We are always happy to work with you to maintain a stable internet connection, but we are limited to what can be done with connections past our media players.

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