We do content.

We provide unique signage & sound solutions for over 9,000 businesses. Offering custom in-store music blends, branded audio messages, digital display, and signage playing. This plays in various showrooms, guest lounges, and on hold services.

No investment to join!

Why Choose SoundFox.


We are the finishing touch

We provide the last piece of the puzzle to any audio visual project – turn-key platform (just press play).

We provide sticky R&R

We provide recurring revenue to your business with no additional billing software or customer support needed.

We add to your portfolio

We are another solution that can go into your service set yielding consistent reliable revenue.


We enable added sale opportunities

With an ongoing service inside a business you manage, you will have additional opportunites for business.

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How It Works

We make our reseller program as easy as our platform
— Plug-n-Play.

We simply recieve the online order and drop ship the Foxware Media player pre-loaded to begin playing the moment its plugged in.

We provided 24/7 customer support as well as a web-based interface and mobile app. All billing and customer support is handled through us.

You simply help get your network of customers sign up on our website – its as easy as buying a T-Shirt online. The player comes with a life-time warranty. You just help get it plugged in!

Once the player is plugged in, powered, on, and online and we will take it from there – you get paid the as soon as they pay.

We handle all of the custom messaging creation, media, management, and accounting so you don’t have to.


Years Established

Happy Customers

Which kind of partner are you?

We have programs to fit all businesses, teams and organizations.

Audio Visual Technicians

Many A/V projects will ultimately finish with a content source needed for their projects. That’s where we come in. Plus, we are always there so if something needs adjusted or added “your foot is still in the door”. 

IT Network & Security

We work great with IT minds as we are simple, flexible and secure to use. Our plug-n-play hardware coupled with our non intrusive network settings, make it a clear choice. Plus we do virtual on hold services better than the rest. 

Marketing Services

Think of us as the final conversion in the funnel. We’re the moment of decision where your marketing efforts will carry to inside the walls of brick and mortar clients – relevant targeted ads and audio messages up to the point of transaction. 

We’ve Been Exciting For Over 12 Years

Empowering brands to control their in-store environment for some time now. We believe in removing distractions, repetition, and inappropriateness to the average business.

In it’s replacement we add unique sights and sounds with custom music blending and branded audio messages playing in showrooms, guest lounges, and on hold. 

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Compensation & Payments

No extra accounting. Just mailbox checks.

Foxware Plug-In

Our Foxware Media Players are completely plug-n-play and take less than 5 minutes from unboxing to online. We ask that all players be powered on, plugged into the correct A/V settings, and reporting in to our server network. 

$250 (One-Time)

Establishing Customer

From time to time the first 90-Days can be the make or break period for new accounts. We ask that you nurture the account along side your project to ensure an established relationship has been created and a lasting customer is made. 

Up to 30%/month (Post 90-Days)

Recurring Revenue

We will handle all customer support, media management, and accounting. You just focus on your business and we will take it from here. We simply send you a flat percentage of gross revenue on all (lasting ) accounts you bring on board. 

2 years of R&R (Active Customers)

Let’s Build Something Together

Let us be your partner for all of your audio/visual content needs. We plan to work with you hand and hand to make sure our customers together are happy and successfully utilizing the power of controlling their in-store environment. 

When do I get paid?

You start getting paid the moment we get paid. All we ask is the player be plugged in and reporting in online as well as the customer confirming they have content flowing in their business. 

Do the players have a warranty?

Absolutely! All of our players have a life-time warranty. 

Can you do digital signage content?

Yes of course. Although digital signage is a bit more custom and many times we like to get involved in the content strategy prior to starting the project, so that we have a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished and at what scale. 

What if a customer cancels?

We have over a 90% retention rate, but our reseller agreement is based of a revenue share of the active account so it is dependent on customers paying. This is why we ask that accounts be nurtured for the first 90 days so that they are off the right start. 

How much can I potentially make?

We originally created this program to be supplemental income for many A/V, IT, and Marketing Service businesses, but we began seeing large volume scaling that has brought tremendous success for small businesses. Some of our partners now act as field sales for the potential of compounding recurring revenue.  

What Our Partners Think Of Us

“We worked with SoundFox for our Music & Messaging solution on a dealership group that was looking to replace their current provider. They loved the switch and it couldn’t have been easier to plugged in.”

Shane Watson

“SoundFox is our go-to Music provider for most all A/V jobs. I don’t miss those calls from my customers asking me to change music around on something I’m not getting paid on. Getting paid is nice too”

Jason Mathews

“We worked closely together with SoundFox on many different projects and have never had a bad experience. They are vested in our success and willing to put in the time to make sure things are done right.”

Quincey Tyus

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